How Do We Motivate Unmotivated People in MLM

eagles and chickens

We don’t. We find motivated people. They are either eagles or chickens. We are always looking for the eagles or the eagles in training.

These type of people do not need to be motivated. They see the vision. They will motivate themselves. They will motivate themselves to take action.

Helping Others

When we all help each other, everybody wins. Another quote from Zig Ziglar one of the great self development mentors of all time of course is that “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want.”

So help someone as much as you can whenever you can. It feels good to help and it will come back to you four folds.

Stop Being Afraid

Bakit di mo gawan ng paraan para makapag simula ka ng negosyo? Takot kayo baka malugi kayo? Dapat mas matakot kayo na pag hindi kayo sumubok, wala kayong pera pag nag retire na kayo.


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